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A computer crash caused us to temporarily lose all emails/inquiries before June 20, 2015. We will recover those contact attempts in the near future, but for right now, they are not accessible. If you contacted us and have not heard back, please accept our apologies and contact us again at info@grullablue.com .

We are currently attempting to reply to those that contacted us between June 20 and July 7, 2015.

Horses For Sale

2015 Foals

  • Our 2015 foals will soon be priced and available for purchase, departing this fall after weaning.

  • Grullo colts (2)
    Amber dun champagne filly
    Dunskin colt (SOLD)
    Dunalino filly

  • Visit our Foals page for a sneak peak. Each foal has or soon will have his or her own web page (click photos to visit those pages).

2014 Gold Champagne Colt

  • Born 5/10/2014

  • Sire: Hesa Champagne Whiz, Sable Champagne

  • Dam: KR Doc Baby Doll. Amber Champagne. 18.75% Doc's Sug

  • Both parents tested NEGATIVE for the panel disorders: HERDA, GBED, HYPP, MH, and PSSM1, so he would also test negative for these. Visit the sire/dam web pages to view their test result links.

  • $3000

Gold Champagne Colt

2014 Grullo Filly

  • May 12, 2014 Grullo Filly

  • Sire: Spin Whiz Me, DNA tested homozygous (dun factor), silvery smoky grullo

  • Dam: Hi Jacd Silver, grullo mare. DNA tested homozygous for dun factor.

  • Sire and dam are both NEGATIVE for all disorders in the combination/panel test (HERDA, GBED, PSSM, MH, HYPP).  See their web pages for links to their test result forms.

  • Homozygous for Dun Factor (will be a 100% color producer, as both parents tested DD for dun factor, making her DD as well)

  • Color genetics Ee aa DD NCr

  • "Didi" looks like she will be short and stocky, possibly between 14.1 and 14.2 hands at maturity.

  • $4300

Grullo Filly
HZ for dun factor (both parents tested DD)
N/Cr (cream gene carrier also)
Recent Sales
Horses that are currently reserved or that have been sold very recently may be listed below.
Click here to see some of the other horses we've raised/owned that have now moved to new homes.

CR Champagne San Bar

  • 2006 Amber Cream Champagne AQHA mare (amber champagne plus a cream gene).

  • ~14.3 hh

  • Ee Aa dd NCr NCh

  • Open for 2015

  • Tested NEGATIVE for HERDA, GBED, HYPP, MH, and PSSM1 (not a carrier of any of those defects). Click here to view her test results from Animal Genetics, Inc. I have her full report with all 5 tests and will get that one posted soon.

  • Mae is a tank, with good bone to support her.

  • Mae got laminitis once from getting into 100% alfalfa. She is pasture sound with no special care, but don't let her have free-choice alfalfa!

  • Very sweet disposition, not an alpha mare in the pasture.

  • Mae always conceived with AI, but she does not like to be live covered in the pasture by my stallion. I no longer want to AI, and don't have an assertive stallion to breed her with. While she may live cover fine for a larger stallion (my stallion is much shorter than her), I would suggest an AI option for her at her new home.

  • Visit her Web Page to learn more and for photos, pedigree.

  • $1500 SOLD!

CR Champagne San Bar

2006 Amber Cream Champagne AQHA mare
Granddaughter of Cougarand, great granddaughter of Peppy San Badger.

2014 Dunskin Gelding

  • Born April 23, 2014

  • Dunskin colt, Ee for Red Factor (Heterozygous Black)

  • Sire: Spin Whiz Me, homozygous (DD) silvery/smoky grullo.

  • Dam: Yo Kety Tornado, Amber Champagne, granddaughter of Cougarand (by Peppy San Badger).

  • Both parents are NEGATIVE (not carriers) for for the 5 disorders in the panel/combination test, which makes him negative as well. Their web pages have links to their test results.

  • $2000 SOLD!

Heterozygous Black

Cherry Valentine

  • 2009 Red Dun Roan Hancock-bred mare

  • Green broke

  • NEGATIVE for the 5 disorders in the combo/panel test

  • Rn/rn roan
    D/d dun factor
    aa for Agouti

  • 25% Plenty Try
    19.53% Blue Valentine
    18.75% Gooseberry
    10.16% Joe Hancock

  • Visit her Web Page to learn more and for photos, pedigree.

  • $3000 SOLD!

This mare comes with our last 10 straws of frozen semen for Blue Yahooty Hancock, our grullo roan grandson of Blue Valentine that we lost. We had one customer mare get pregnant with only ONE straw of semen. You can use this semen to inseminate as many times as you want (more if you have a great vet or go to a place that does deep horn insemination, or once if you want to try it all at one time). We will transfer the semen into your name so you can do what you want with it. The semen is currently stored at Vogler Semen Centre in Nebraska, or you can transfer it to your own location once the mare is paid in full and on her way to your home.

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  • Many of our horses have a price somewhere in our minds....even if not advertised for sale, so if you see something elsewhere on our site that you like that isn't listed for sale here, feel free to make an offer we can't refuse!  We will probably say "no" if the horse is not listed as being for sale, but have been convinced in the past from time to time.

  • We try very hard to be honest and critical of our horses.  We will try to point out areas for improvement on horses for sale as well as strengths.  Please look at all available photos and request a video if you are unsure of a horse's quality.  It is very difficult to see all of the faults on your own horses, but we really try so you will not be disappointed in a horse purchased from us!  We'd rather scare you away than have you be disappointed down the road.  

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